The Dölepferd - also Gudbrandsdal horse - is a Norwegian horse breed that is one of the Kleinkaltblütern. These are his exceptional performance in harness racing.

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The Dölepferd is contrary to other races through its exterior to be described as inconsistent and is divided into two beats. These are a lighter and a trotter type.

Both shocks are common to a wide, dry head with a straight profile, which is characterized by a pony express. The neck is strong and long, has a full, curly mane, the shoulder is solid and diagonally. The withers is not very pronounced, the long back looks a bit dull, but turns into a very strong hindquarters. The croup is sloping and wide, which is also rich tail reaches to the ground. The hull is cooperation and deep and has a more spreading of ribs on. The foundation is stable and relies on short, strong legs and rough joints on.


This breed is patient, balanced, lively and energetic.

Breeding history

In the literature one can look up references to the similarity of the Dölepferdes with the fur and Dales pony, but also references to the Frisians. This is certainly the one hand due to the fact that the northern European Small Draft Horse and pony breeds had the same or similar ancestors, can be safely attributed to a breeding influence of the old black horse from Friesland but on the other hand, since Frisian before the close ties between Norway and England traders have sought the popularity of their race in this area.

In the 19th century the Dölepferd a refinement was supplied by the English stallion Odin. Baldur, a grandson of Odin, so often appear in the pedigrees of current horses. In the same century also found imported trotter stallions application in breeding of Dölepferdes, whereby the existing trot properties were again reinforced. Significant stallions of Scrapie fraction were Dovre and Toftebrun.

Since 1962, state farms monitor the strict selection, in the foreground have as a goal to optimize the trot services. The record is held at the beginning of the 21st century, the Dole Trotter stallion pasture Svarten whose time of 1:26 min. on the kilometers represents a remarkable achievement for a small cold blood.