The abbreviation DMA stands for:

  • Differential Mobility Analyser, a measuring instrument for determining the mobility distribution of gas-borne particles, and thus indirectly the size distribution
  • Direct Market Access, called tools that connect the provider of investment services to the securities markets
  • German Maritime Academy, a charitable foundation of the German Navy Federal eV


  • Dimethylarsinic acid, see Agent Blue
  • Dimethylacetamide, an organic solvent
  • Dimethylamine
  • Dimethylanilines, a group of isomeric chemical compounds
  • Dynamic-mechanical analysis, a characterization method of materials, in particular of polymers

Computer science:

  • Digital Media Adapter, a device from Intel's Digital Home Initiative
  • Direct Memory Access, a (direct ) memory access in computer technology
  • DMA Design, a development studio, which is known as Rockstar North today


  • Davis - Monthan Air Force Base, as an IATA code for the U.S. Air Force Base in Arizona
  • Defense Mapping Agency, a predecessor institution of the National Geospatial -Intelligence Agency


  • Dance Music Award, a music prize
  • Danish Music Awards, pop music Price in Denmark
  • German Music Archive in Leipzig (until 2010 Berlin)
  • Doctor of Musical Arts degree an academic degree in U.S. universities and conservatories


  • District Management Area, South African community form for sparsely populated areas that do not have their own local government, but are managed by the district
  • Dominica, an Olympic country abbreviations
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