Dom stands for:

  • Cathedral, Church of outstanding importance
  • Steam dome, a means for removal of the steam from a boiler
  • Lava dome, which occurs at the exit of very viscous magma
  • Dom (ethnicity ), a Domari speaking ethnic group in the Middle East
  • Dome ( geology), a rounded in plan view arching of rock layers (see anticline )
  • Dom ( caste), a low caste of Hindus in West Bengal
  • A form of address, see Don (Informal )
  • Slovenian, hut ', see List of refuges in the Alps
  • A charge for the traditional acorn hogs, see Dehme ( right )

Dom is the name of geographical objects:

  • Dom (mountain ), a mountain in the Pennine Alps
  • Dom ( Nürnberger Land ), a mountain in the district Nürnberger Land

Dom is the name of:

  • A short form of Dominik - there also namesakes
  • Jeanny Dom (* 1954), Luxembourg table tennis player and functionary
  • Michael Dom, contemporary poets from Papua New Guinea

Cathedral, The Cathedral, Other:

  • The Cathedral ( book series ), book series
  • The Cathedral ( Gertrud von le Fort ), narrative
  • The Cathedral (magazine), Church newspaper for the Archdiocese of Paderborn
  • Hamburger Dom ( folk festival ), Hamburger festival

DOM is an acronym for:

  • Deo Optimo Maximo (Latin, " the most gracious and exalted God " ), also DOM, a widespread since the Renaissance inscription in the sacred space
  • Département d' outre- mer, see Overseas department
  • Differential Object Marking, a linguistic phenomenon, see Differential object marking
  • Digital surface model, a digital description of the earth's surface along with objects (such as trees, buildings)
  • Directed ortho- metallation, the metalation of aromatics in a defined position, see ortho- metalation
  • Disk on Module, a flash memory
  • Dissolved organic matter, dissolved organic matter in the soil, see DOM ( bottom )
  • Document Object Model, a programming interface for accessing both HTML and XML documents
  • Domain, English for domain
  • Dominican Republic, as an international motor vehicle registration code, country code according to ISO 3166-1 and Olympic country abbreviations
  • Roseau Melville Hall Airport in Dominica ( IATA code )
  • 2,5-dimethoxy -4- methylamphetamine, amphetamine derivative, a psychoactive

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