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The CSS -7 is a mobile, land-based short-range ballistic missile of the People's Republic of China. The Chinese armed forces, the rocket is called DF -11 or Dongfeng 11 The export designation is M- 11th


The CSS -7 was designed as a complement to the People 's Liberation Army in large numbers standing in use rocket artillery. Just wanted to develop a ballistic short-range missile system for the export market. The development of the CSS -7 by the design office CASIC began in the late 1970s. The first test flight took place in 1990. The first rocket in 1992 handed over to the People's Liberation Army. It emerged the following variants:

  • DF -11: First production version introduced in 1992 range of 280-350 km..
  • DF -11A: Improved version introduced in 1998 With GPS steering system.. Reach over 500 km.
  • DF -A: Simplified version of the DF- 11th Payload of 500 kg. Range of 280 km.
  • M -11: Export version of the DF -11 with a reduced payload of 500 kg. Range of 280 km.
  • M -11A: Export variant of the DF -11 with reduced range and payload.


The DF -11 is a single-stage solid-propellant rocket. The missile is housed on the terrain WS2400 -8 × 8 trucks. The system is mobile and rapidly deployable. There is a minimal response time of the drive achieved by Raketenverschuss 15-30 minutes. Each vehicle is equipped with a DF -11 rocket. The DF -11 missile can be fitted with a selection of different warheads:

  • Nuclear warhead
  • Fragmentation warhead
  • Aerosol warhead
  • Bomblets ( submunitions )


  • People's Republic of China People's Republic of China: 120-140 launch vehicles and missiles 700-750.
  • Iran Iran: possession unconfirmed
  • Pakistan Pakistan: number unknown. Local name Shaheen -1
  • Syria Syria: possession unconfirmed



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