Donna Leon (TV series)

  • Commissario Guido Brunetti: Joachim Król ( episodes 1-4 )
  • Uwe Kockisch ( from episode 5)
  • Barbara Auer ( episodes 1-4 )
  • Julia Hunter ( from episode 5)
  • Signora Brunetti Amelia ( Guido's mother) †: Christel Peters (episodes 7-14)
  • Conte Orazio Falier ( Paola's father): Peter Fitz (follow- up 18)

Donna Leon is the title of a German TV crime series on ARD in which the Brunetti novels for over 25 years living in Venice American writer Donna Leon to be filmed.


The series is shot in Venice with German actors, the order of the books is not adhered to. Nor do the writers stick to the original: have been added as new people and subplots. Also, the resolution is not in every case the original novel. The first case Vendetta was produced in 2000. In Vendetta and Venetian charade Christian led by Castelberg Director, after she took over Sigi Rothemund.



Exteriors in Venice

Outdoor scenes in front of the official residence, the Questura were, on the Campo della Confraternita filmed (45 ° 26 ' 17 " N, 12 ° 20' 51" O45.43805555555612.3475 ) in Venice between the San Francesco della Vigna church and the Rio di San Francesco. The outside front of the Palazzo della lying at this place Nunziatura Apostolica represents the facade of the Questura

The outdoor seating on the Grand Canal at the mouth of the Rio di San Polo ( 45 ° 26 '11 " N, 12 ° 19' 47" O45.4362512.329805555556 ) is the open space at the apartment of Brunetti, is eaten on the often.


The sequences 1 to 18 are available on DVD.