Doug Hutchison

Doug Hutchison ( born May 26, 1960 in Dover, Delaware, actually Douglas Anthony Hutchison ) is an American actor. He is also with his own company Dark Water Inc. producer and offers acting workshops under the title The Art of Stillness on.

Hutchison is best known for the role as Percy in the 1999 staged literary adaptation The Green Mile. An appearance had Hutchison also in the television series The X-Files - The Files Eugene Victor Tooms as. He also starred in an episode of the series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, as well as in the years 2007 to 2009 in several episodes of Lost with.

Hutchison was married since 2011 with the marriage at only 16 -year-old pop singer Courtney Alexis Stodden (* 1994), but in 2013 it came to the separation.