Douglas H. Wheelock

  • STS- 120 (2007)
  • Soyuz TMA -19 ( 2010)   ISS Expedition 24
  • ISS Expedition 25

Douglas Harry Wheelock ( born May 5, 1960 in Binghamton, New York) is an American astronaut.


Wheelock in 1983 was awarded a bachelor's degree in Applied Science and Engineering from the Military Academy at West Point. The Georgia Institute of Technology in 1992 awarded him a Master's in Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Military career

After completing his bachelor's degree Wheelock was trained by the U.S. Army to the pilot. Thereafter, he served in the Pacific as a squad leader, platoon leader, deputy company commander and commander of an air cavalry unit. At the Aviation Directorate of Combat Developments at Fort Rucker (Alabama ), he worked as a development engineer in the armament. After the successful completion of the Naval Test Pilot School at Patuxent River ( Maryland ) In 1993 he was a test pilot at the Aviation Technical Test Center at Fort Rucker and proven aerial reconnaissance systems.

Astronauts activity

In August 1996, Wheelock came to the Johnson Space Center and oversaw the Space Shuttle missions in the following year as an engineer during launch preparations.

Wheelock was presented by NASA as an astronaut candidate in June 1998. After the two-year training mission specialist, he was contact of the Astronaut Office for Russia as part of the ISS program ( International Space Station). Subsequently, he was one of the support teams in the second and fourth ISS crew. From August 2002 he was a speaker connection for the crews of the Space Station in Houston.

STS -120

From June 2006, Wheelock trained for his first space flight. He was a mission specialist of the Shuttle flight STS -120, which began on 23 October 2007 and after 15 days came to an end.

ISS Expeditions 24 and 25

On 15 June 2010 Wheelock launched with the Soyuz TMA -19 to the International Space Station. Lived from June to November 2010 and Wheelock worked aboard the ISS and took it from September 2010 the command of the ISS Expedition 25 In August 2010, Wheelock took along with Tracy Caldwell - Dyson three spacewalks to replace a failed ammonia coolant pump.