DQ Herculis

DQ Herculis ( Nova Herculis also 1934) was discovered as a slow nova in December 1934 in the constellation Hercules, and reached a maximum brightness of 1.5 mag. The supernova remnant is a bright cataclysmic variables (CV) with a freely rotating magnetic white dwarf and prototype of the subclass of the DQ Herculis star (also polar intermedären ). The white dwarf in DQ Herculis rotate with a period of 142 seconds, making it one of the fastest rotating white dwarfs at all. Due to the high inclination of almost 90 °, it comes during a train circulation of 4.65 hours to cover the white dwarf and the accretion disk by the companion star.


  • Right ascension: 18h 07m 30.1s
  • Declination: 45 ° 51 ' 31 "