The abbreviation DR stands for:

  • Air Méditerranée, French charter airline after the IATA code
  • Danmarks Radio
  • Dead - Reckoning method to bridge GPS gaps
  • Depositary Receipt, see depository receipt
  • The state railway in the German Reich, see German Reichsbahn (1920-1945)
  • The state railway in the German Democratic Republic, see German Reichsbahn (1945-1993)
  • Developer release, premature, not intended for the end user software version
  • A dielectric resonator electronic component
  • Service regulations
  • Digital computer
  • Digital Research, former U.S. software maker
  • Disaster recovery, disaster recovery in information technology
  • DR Motor Company, Italian carmaker
  • Droites, Technical Group of the European Right (1989-1994)
  • Niger to the ICAO code
  • Above, Sigle (DR digits) of the Danish runic inscriptions in the catalog by Lis Jacobsen and Erik Moltke, published as Danmarks runeindskrifter, Copenhagen 1941-42.

DR as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Albania: Durres district ( discontinued)
  • UK: Shrewsbury
  • Moldova: Rajon Drochia
  • Netherlands: Vintage cars prior to 1973 (black signs with white letters )
  • Mopeds and scooters ( three-letter )

D. R. The abbreviation stands for:

  • German Empire

The abbreviation Dr or Dr. stands for:

  • Doctor, academic degree

The abbreviation dr stands for:

  • In music for drums, drums see

The abbreviation d R. stands for:

  • The reserve, a military rank additive, see reservist

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