Stone fruits are indehiscent fruits, in which the seed is surrounded by a woody core. Here, the mesocarp is the exocarp membranous, fleshy, while the endocarp forms the woody stone, in which the seed is.

There is in most cases a connection with an adjustment to endozoochory, seed dispersal by frugivores. The seeds is thereby protected by the woody endocarp, the inner layer of the pericarp, from damage. Trappings form from the outer layers of the pericarp, the meso-and exocarp, fleshy, juicy, composed of living cells shares. These are not always for the human consumption ( for example in the coconut).

Stone fruits include:

  • With edible pulp: mango, plum, nectarine, peach, plum, apricot, olive, sour cherry, sweet cherry
  • With edible seeds or endosperm ( seed Nährfleisch ): coconut, almond, peach ( for persipan ) and pistachio

Special forms are the collection stone fruit, such as blackberry and raspberry, as well as the drupe association (eg, fig, jackfruit ).