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The term Dry County ( in German means essentially "dry county" ) means in the United States that in the respective County (roughly comparable to the German district, the Austrian and the Swiss district) severely restricted the sale, dispensing or transportation of alcohol or is prohibited. Free cities within these counties are not affected by this regulation, but they can accept or create their own regulations. In this case one speaks of Dry Dry City or Town. Most Dry counties are in the South and Midwest of the United States.

Since Prohibition was repealed in the 21st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, the regulation concerning alcohol is more of a state than a national matter.


The limitations of the alcohol prohibition are not standardized. Thus, in 26 of 67 counties Alabama Dry Counties. In 16 cities within these counties the sale of alcohol within the city limits is permitted. Individuals allowed to transport beer and 3 bottles of alcohol up to a box.

In Texas are of 254 Counties 44 Dry Counties and 169 " partially dry" counties. In some of these 169 counties, the sale of beer to 4 % alcohol is allowed in other drinks are allowed up to 14 % alcohol ( ie no spirits ) are sold. In most counties, however, the Alcoholic is allowed, at least in private clubs.

In Kentucky, there are 120 counties. Of these, 90 Dry Counties, of which only 36 have limitations. Thus permitted to serve alcohol to eat as restaurants, as long as the price of the consumed alcohol less than 70 % of the price of the consumed food remains. In some counties wineries with a so-called Small farm winery license may set up small outlets, one of which may also sell some beer.

The transportation of alcoholic beverages is not standardized. So industrial alcohol may be transported through the County in some counties, in others only in sealed containers or not.

In the town of Lynchburg, Tennessee, although the whiskey brand Jack Daniel's is produced, although the city itself is a dry town. At the headquarters of the company, held at the tourist guides may due to a specially granted permission by the Senate whiskey are sold.

More Dry counties there are in Arkansas, Florida, Kansas, Mississippi and Virginia.