Du Bin

Du Bin ( Chinese:杜 斌; * 1972 ) is a Chinese journalist, photographer, and documentary filmmaker.

Life and work

Du Bin is originally from Tancheng, Shandong and lives in Beijing. After a self-taught education you worked since 2011 as a freelance photographer for The New York Times and was also supplying the International Herald Tribune, Time Magazine and The Guardian.

Famous Works

You wrote the first biography of the artist Ai Weiwei, called God Ai (艾 神).

In 2013 he published Above the Ghosts' Head: The Women of Masanjia Labour Camp (小鬼 头上 的 女人), a documentary about torture in Chinese labor camp Masanjia. The film was banned in the People's Republic of China, but was at least shown in Hong Kong and Taiwan and made ​​available online later.

In addition, he published a 600 - page book about the Tiananmen Square Massacre (天安门 屠杀). The book, which already brings together a number of published reports on the Tiananmen incident, appeared at the end of May Mirror Books.


On June 1, 2013, soon after the publication of the book and the film to Masanjia, Du Bin was arrested in Beijing by the secret police. Friends say they had found him at home two unsigned police orders "because of disturbance of public order ". According to Chinese administrative law, the police can hold it up to 15 days; then it must either be released, be sent to a re-education camp or formally charged. On June 18, you were still being held in the detention center of the Fengtai District; his sister says the family was informed still not formally on the adhesive. Amnesty International and Reporters Without Borders call for his release.

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