Durmitor massif seen from the west

The Durmitor is a mountain massif in the north of Montenegro, part of the mountain range of the Dinarides. The bounding the massif of Durmitor National Park, which was declared a National Park in 1952, since 1980 a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The highest peak of the Durmitormassivs with 2,522 meters is the Bobotov Kuk, who is also the highest peak in Montenegro. 48 peaks of Durmitor massif are higher than 2000 m.

The mountain is a popular tourist destination. The peak season is traditionally in the winter when the lower regions of the Durmitor be used for winter sports. Foreign travelers, whose number has risen again in recent years, visit the Durmitor especially in summer for hiking and mountaineering. The Tara canyon is a popular tourist destination.


The Durmitormassiv despite it's proximity to the Mediterranean Sea in a climate that is increasingly dominated by the mainland, the temperate continental climate. Thus, the temperature conditions are akin to those in Central Europe, but are pressed by the height of the massif to over 2500 meters in some cases much down. The clash of warm and humid air from the Adriatic Sea to cold continental air into the winter months to significant amounts of snow. 3 feet of snow and even more are not uncommon in the higher mountain areas in north-eastern Montenegro. Within the Durmitor, the average temperatures vary according to altitude in January -3 to -8 ° C and in July between 15 and 7 ° C and in between 7 and -1 ° C. The annual rainfall is high, reaching in the high altitudes of well over 2000 mm per year. Snow can fall even in the summer and on exposed northern slopes he considers himself through the summer until the next snowfall in September. The weather station Zabljak at 1450 meters are the following average data on: January: -4.8 ° C July: 13.8 ° C, year: 4.8 ° C