Under winter sports is meant sports which are practiced on snow and ice. Previously this could only be exercised because of the seasonal dependence on specific weather conditions in winter only, nowadays they are covered by ice and indoor ski slopes every season and in all climatic areas possible.


Among the winter sports initially include the traditional sports on skis on the sled and sled base. With these aids locomotion on snow and ice was possible. Gradually it emerged sporting competitions, often inspired also to scenic and cultural circumstances.

The movement on skis differs significantly in flat or mountainous environments. Similarly, there are significant differences in the carriage, depending on whether they were pulled by dogs or horses or whether it is predominantly companion for runs. The use of skids under shoes or car to slide on ice is rooted more in the lowlands.


In skiing, the so-called Nordic sports and alpine sports are distinguished. In addition, recent developments such as snowboarding, ski bob and freestyle skiing. Also jumping over hills with wide competitions falls into this category, as does the speed skiing, high speed driving on skis.

In the slide area, there are next to the sledding in an art or Natureisrinne also tobogganing on snow slopes. As a further exercise equipment, Bob developed as a full metal slide with several courses and the skeleton sled as a minimum driving surface. Also for the slide area include racing with sidecars like the sled dog racing and skijoring.

In the skating area, two different main areas, the speed walking and running the art originated. While a direct comparison with precedence over times is possible while skating, the rating is based figure skating after artistry and contemporary taste. Both main groups have developed a variety of disciplines, so there's short track speed skating, short and long distance races as well as all-rounder in the speed range. In art running single running and pair skating and the ice dancing are held. Another group is the ice hockey, one of the few team sports in the winter as a play on goals.

Originally from the military sector usually come those winter sports, in which multiple disciplines are summarized. The popular biathlon, originated from the military patrol, one just as important as the rarely discharged Winter Pentathlon. The ascent of mountains with ski and mountaineering equipment as ski mountaineering is also of military origin.

In addition to these focused on locomotion sports there are on ice or snow surrounding instructed skill competitions. These include curling and curling.

Similarly, one can also ice climbing, wintry mountain climbing, hiking, touring skis, ice diving, driving events with skidoos ( snowmobiles ) and ice sailing count on skids to winter sports.

Winter sports in the summer

The popularity of many winter sports meant that some of them are now running all year round ice rinks, indoor ski slopes, including built- in Skilliften or in areas with year-round winter weather.

In other winter sports, the sports equipment have been adapted to warmer conditions. Here are the most roller skis as cross-country skiing replacement, grass skis and inline skates to call. Also in ski jumping allows the technical development now jumping by Matt jumps in the summer.


On a business level, the most important trade fair ISPO in Munich is around the winter sports. They usually take place in the first week of February, and is one divided into the areas ski ISPO, ISPO board, outdoor ISPO ISPO and Fashion.