Dwain Weston

Dwain Weston ( born January 31, 1973 in Australia, † October 5, 2003 at the Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado) was an Australian skydiver and base jumper.

Importance for the sport

He had about 1200 base jumps in ten different countries, and was considered one of the best and most experienced base - jumper in the world. In 2002, he won the world title in it. At the same time, he was president of the Australian Association of Base. He was one of the first jumpers who introduced acrobatic elements into the cracks, and was a pioneer in various jumping techniques.


After Weston had participated in the Royal Gorge Bridge on " Go Fast " contest, he jumped along with Jeb Corliss from an aircraft near the bridge. The plan was that Corliss should fly through under the bridge and Weston over it. This was due both wingsuit, which allow the jumper to glide in the air flow and to control the flight path. However, Weston estimated the distance incorrectly, or winds influenced his path, and he rebounded with an estimated 160 km / h against the rear bridge railing. His parachute opened through the blow and he landed in the valley under the bridge, Weston, however, was due to the impact on the railing killed instantly


Incomplete list

  • World Champion 2002 in Base Jumping
  • January 6, 2003 winner of the Malaysia ' s Xtreme Skydive - World Cup 2003 Base Championship in Kuala Lumpur