E.ON Business Services

E.ON Business Services (formerly E.ON IT ( until 30 September 2013), E.ON IS and is: energy ) is the multi-functional support unit of E.ON SE, one of the world's largest investor-owned power and gas companies. It bundles company-wide business services for finance, HR and IT under one roof. These three so-called service - Tower are supplemented by joint cross-section functions. E.ON Business Services is headquartered in Hanover Calenberger Neustadt district and employs around 3,400 people.


E.ON Business Services manages the IT needs of the E.ON Group and supports more than 160 E.ON companies. The services include, but taking care of IT projects, application support of SAP ERP, GIS and so on.

In addition, the EES provides financial and personnel services for companies of the E.ON

In Germany EBS is active in over 30 locations across Europe also represented in the Benelux countries, Great Britain, Italy, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary.


Prior to the merger of the two power companies Preussen Elektra ( VEBA ) and Bayernwerke ( VIAG ) for E.ON Energie in 2000, these have had to carry out their IT services by companies synergistic GmbH and GEDOS mbH. After the merger of these two companies created in 2001, is: energy, a forerunner of the current E.ON IT. Shareholder of the new company were the E.ON Energie AG ( 74.78 %) and the Cap Gemini Ernst & Young AG ( 25.22 %).

In the year 2004 1.300 employees working in is: energy, distributed to more than 30 locations. The first foreign companies were established in Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

In 2005, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young issued its minority stake in the regional utility E.ON '. Specifically, these were the E.ON Avacon AG, E.ON Bayern AG, E.DIS AG, E.ON Hanse AG E.ON Mitte AG, E.ON Thüringer Energie AG and E.ON Westfalen Weser AG. This was the is: energy, which renamed itself in the course of change of shareholder E.ON IS, a wholly owned subsidiary of E.ON In the second half of the national companies E.ON IS Bulgaria and Romania, E.ON IS were established. In November E.ON IS is successful certification according to the international quality management standard ISO 9001:2000.

E.ON IS extended in 2006 to their offering telecommunications services. At the same time, international expansion has continued. In May 2006, the subsidiary E.ON Sverige IS was re-established headquartered in Malmö. That same year, the establishment of the national company E.ON IS UK followed. Since the end of 2007, the company is also present in Southern Europe. In Milan, an Italian E.ON IS- office was opened.

In 2007, E.ON IS Group was represented by 2,700 employees in nine European countries. The Dutch subsidiary E.ON IS Netherlands was founded in late 2008.

Outsourcing of IT infrastructure

As part of the Group-wide cost PerformtoWin the Management Board of E.ON AG 2009 decided to outsource the IT infrastructure to external service providers. Safety-related IT systems are still being cared for by the group itself.

Specifically, the outsourcing involves the following three packages:

  • Data Center: The servers and associated databases must be able to supply about 60,000 SAP users.
  • IT jobs: Here included is support for some 90,000 desktop PCs and notebooks, as well as 20,000 printer and the operation of the service desk.
  • Network and Communication Infrastructure: The network infrastructure around 300,000 LAN ports, 100,000 e- mail accounts, 68,000 IP phones, 37,000 classic telephone lines and 200,000 mobile lines must be provided.

Data center and support the jobs went to Hewlett- Packard, the communication infrastructure to T-Systems. Overall, the business with a total volume of 2.8 billion euros (60 % HP, 40 % of T-Systems) and a term of 7 years was awarded. As part of the transfer of operations changed from 1 April 2011 about 1,260 employees at 89 locations in 10 countries and 185,000 of assets to the outsourcing partners. Meanwhile, about 235,000 SAP users (sometimes several users per E.ON employees ), 110,000 desktops and 10,100 multi-function printer is in operation.


  • Edgar Aschenbrenner, since October 2009, Chairman since March 2010
  • John Brinkkötter, since October 2013
  • Hanna Hennig, since December 2013
  • Brian Jungwirth, since October 2012
  • Jorg Koletzki, January 2010
  • Karl Markgraf, since October 2012
  • Jürgen Maul, since October 2013

Chairman of the Supervisory Board is the Board Member of E.ON SE, Klaus Schäfer.