Eberhard Gottlieb Graff

Eberhard Gottlieb Graff ( born March 10, 1780 in Elbing, † October 18, 1841 in Berlin) was a linguist.

Eberhard Gottlieb Graff studied at Konigsberg, came in 1810, when government and school board to Marienwerder, 1814 in the same capacity to Arnsberg, then to Koblenz.

Since 1820 divorced from his former sphere of influence, he became in 1824 Professor of German at the University of Königsberg and now turned his attention primarily on the study of the Old High German language and literature, in whose interest he 1825-27 a trip to Germany, France, the Switzerland and Italy made ​​.

His main work is the

  • Old High German vocabulary (Berlin 1835-43, 6 vols ), to the Maßmann an alphabetical index (Berlin 1846) provided

In addition, Graff issued:

  • Diutiska, monuments German language and literature from ancient manuscripts (Stuttgart 1826-29 )
  • Otfrieds Diatessaron (Königsberg 1831)
  • German interlinear versions of the Psalms from manuscripts of the 12th and 13th century ( Quedlinburg 1838)