Ed Starink

Ed Starink ( born December 17, 1952 in Apeldoorn / also known as Star Inc. ) is a arrivierter studio musician, composer, arranger and music producer from the Netherlands.

Already in his childhood learned Ed Starink playing several musical instruments. In the 70s, he studied at the Academy of Music in The Hague ( concert pianist ), where he also himself later gave readings then as a lecturer. At the same time he worked in major studios in the Netherlands and founded in 1972, the jazz-rock group Gamma. After he had already played for several bands and worked as a sound engineer, he was eventually hired by the Beach Boys and a little later by David Bowie on keyboards.

In 1981 Ed Starink his first album Crist Allin, which even found high recognition in the prestigious U.S. journal keyboard. Due to his musical training, the compositions are rather classical, but fully interpreted with synthesizers.

During the early 1980s, built his own studio Ed Starink consistently, which ultimately led that date, the best and most modern music studio was in the Benelux him. He was, for example, one of the few Dutch who had a Fairlight CMI synthesizer or a Synclavier. A little later, he founded his own label Star Inc.

Since that time, Ed Starink dealt primarily with cover versions of film music and electronic music (Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Kraftwerk, etc.). Since the early 1980s, he published more than 100 different albums with his cover versions of popular songs.

The culmination of his work was the collaboration with the record company Arcade, published by the famous and highly successful series along with Ed Starink Synthesizer Greatest in the late 1980s. From that date he came with his cover versions somewhat into disrepute, which was mainly to the huge popularity and, ultimately, to the great commercial success of the series. Some fans of the original artist accused him that his versions were emotionless and cold. Others claimed that it was not clear that it was to cover versions in Synthesizer Greatest and therefore felt cheated.

Early 90s revised Ed Starink some of his older compositions and released it on the album Retrospection. In 1998 he published one of the first a series of CDs with the famous hits of Jean -Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Mike Oldfield and others in Dolby Surround. In the same year he moved his living and working seat to France.

2003 Ed Starink started to compose for an epic out blank music project, which will act on the universe. In spring 2012, Ed Starink finished the work for the Piano Works, which consist of more than ten hours of music, and with the Piano Works published the first part of his Universe Symphony purely digitally via online music services.