Ed Templeton

Ed Templeton ( born July 28, 1972 in Garden Grove ( California)) is a professional American skateboarder and artist from Huntington Beach, California.

Ed started skateboarding in 1985 and reached with his friend Jason Lee shortly after notoriety. His career began in 1988 sponsored, among others, at Circle A and Schmitt Stix. 1990 from Schmitt Stix the New Deal Skateboards. Ed was able to win four consecutive contests Street and made it to the title of the two Skateboard Magazine Transworld Skateboarding Thrasher and.

Ed Templeton left New Deal and, together with Mike Vallely own skateboard company "TV" ( television), however, which was under an unlucky star. The paths of the two separated shortly afterwards and Ed founded in 1993 under the Vision Streetwear company Toy Machine, but they moved shortly thereafter to Tum Yeto. Around this time, Ed Templeton began more interested in art, photography and graphic design and designed advertisements and graphics for Toy Machine shortly thereafter.

His work and accompanying exhibitions ( with Aaron Rose in the Alleged Gallery in New York ) World were aroused controversy in the skateboard. He is critical and satirical deals with the modern American culture. His first book with photographic work, Teen Smokers, won the 2000 an art competition in Italy. This was followed by Golden Age of Neglect in which he combined photographs and graphics together. In addition, he has designed numerous magazine covers.

Mid-1990s was Ed vegans and began gradually for the rights of animals to use. He won some contests and continued sporadically occurred in 1996 the newly founded shoe company Sheep in which his first pro model skate shoe designed without resorting to leather and other animal products. The company did not stay long in the market and Ed joined Emerica at, for which he previously designed three per shoe models.

Ed Templeton is regarded as one of the most creative skateboarders of his time, has introduced a series of One Footed Ollie, Ollie Impossible and railslide variations. His skills are documented including in the Toy Machine video Welcome to Hell (1996).