Eddie Wilcox

Eddie Wilcox (* December 27 1907 in Method, North Carolina as Edwin Felix Wilcox; † 29 September 1968, New York) was an American jazz pianist and arranger of the Swing.

Eddie Wilcox was from 1926 to 1947 Member of Jimmie Lunceford Orchestra, but rarely heard with soloists ( as in "Since My Best Girl Turned Me Down" in 1934 or " Manday " 1939), became especially as one of the ablest arrangers this band. He wrote, inter alia, the arrangements for "Miss Ottis Regrets", "Rhythm Is Our Business " in 1934, " Sleepy Time Gal ", " Thunder", "Rhythm in My Nursery Rhyme " 1935, " I'll See You in My Dreams ," " Honest and Truly " 1937, " My Melancholy Baby " in 1938 and " Impromptu " in 1941. Lunceford After death 1947 Wilcox took over the management of the orchestra along with Joe Thomas. From this time the piece " Saxology " (1947 ) comes from. In 1948 he founded his own rhythm and blues band whose most famous number "Shuffle Express" was from 1951. He had the beginning of 1952 his only hit in the national charts for the label Derby with the song " Wheel of Fortune" in the Sunny Gale was the band singer. For the Derby label he also arranged songs by Bette McLaurin. In the 1950s he worked with Teddy McRae in a music publishing company and had a trio from 1958 to 1960, with whom he performed in Brooklyn. He also worked with Paul Quinichette.


  • Jimmie Lunceford: 1930-1934 ( Classics ) ( Wilcox plays here with piano and Celeste )
  • Jimmie Lunceford 1945-1947 ( Classics )
  • Jimmie Lunceford 1948-1949 ( Classics )