Edvard Kardelj

Edvard Kardelj ( born January 27, 1910 in Ljubljana, † February 10, 1979 ) was a Yugoslav politician.

Kardelj first worked as a teacher and entered the 1930s the Communist Party of Yugoslavia in. In 1940 he was member of the Politburo and went during the war in the underground. In April 1941, Kardelj was co-founder of the Anti-Imperialist Front, the Resistance of Slovenians against the German, Italian and Hungarian occupiers. Kardelj made ​​with that the Slovenian Liberation Front entered an alliance with Tito's partisan movement in the summer of the same year. He became a member of Tito's interim government and had the position of Deputy Prime Minister held.

As one of the leaders of the challenges was to his credit that Yugoslavia could solve 1945 by the USSR and develop its own political line. From 1948 to 1953 he was the Yugoslav foreign minister and held other high positions in politics, for example, it was 1963-1967 President of the Parliament.

Edvard Kardelj was traded for a long time, especially in the Western countries as a likely successor to Tito. His untimely death a year before Tito's death ended such speculation.

1950-1954 and 1980-1990 was called the Croatian port of Ploce in his honor Kardeljevo.