Edward Newman (entomologist)

Edward Newman ( born May 13, 1801 in Hampstead, England, † June 12, 1876 ) was an English entomologist, botanist and writer. Its official botanical author abbreviation is " Newman ".

Life and work

Newman was born in 1801 in Hampstead, the son of a Quaker family. Both parents were avid naturalist and enthusiastic as her son in further studies, especially after his entry into school in Painswick. At age 16 he left school to participate in his father's business in Guildford. In 1826 he moved to Deptford, to accept a rope maker business. Here he met many of the leading entomologists of these days and was co-founder of the Entomological Club. In 1832 he became the editor of the club magazine, The Entomological Magazine, and was elected in the following year a member of the Linnean Society of London and a founding member of the Royal Entomological Society of London.

In 1840 he married and published the first edition of A History of British Ferns and Allied Plants. He became a partner in the London printing Luxford & Co. and was printer and publisher of natural history and science books. Later he also became the natural history editor of The Field, editor of The Zoologist and editor of The Entomologist.

Newman presented on the Verfrachtungstheorie in which he expressed the view that butterflies like the Pontia edusa ( Pontia daplidice ), the oleander moth ( Daphnis nerii ) and the Great Wanderbläuling ( Lampides boeticus ) can fly across the English Channel from continental Europe to the British Isles. For this theory to the phenomenon of migrant moths however, he was ridiculed by his colleagues.


  • Attempted division of British Insects into natural orders ( 1834)
  • A History of British Ferns and allied Plants (1840 )
  • Proposed division of Neuroptera into two classes (1853 )
  • Birds nesting (1861 )
  • New Edition of Montagu 's Ornithological Dictionary ( 1866)
  • Illustrated Natural History of British Moths (1869 )
  • Illustrated Natural History of British Butterflies ( 1871).


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