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Eflani is a Turkish city and an administrative district of the province Karabük. The 587 km ² large district located in the northeast of the province, bordering Kastamonu and Bartın. The city itself is located Eflani on a plateau 46 km northeast of the provincial capital Karabük and about 100 km from the Black Sea. The town of 2158 and 9440, the county population.

Eflani is in the ancient region of Paphlagonia, and was probably founded as a base for the colony of Amasra King Nicomedes II of Bithynia. The region was in the course of time under Greek, Roman and Byzantine rule. After the conquest of the Turks in the 11th century Eflani came under Seljuk influence. A Seljuk -General established in the region, the Principality of Candar. Eflani was from 1292-1309 capital of Candar. 1461 was the principality to the Ottomans and remained there until the fall of the Ottomans. Since 1923 it is part of the Republic of Turkey.

Initially Eflani was a Bucak of the district in the province of Kastamonu Safranbolu. 1927 Safranbolu was connected to Zonguldak. Eflani was raised in 1953 in the rank of the district. In 1995, the province was founded Karabük. In Eflani there are 54 villages and out of the city Eflani there is no other municipality (tr: Belediye ).