The abbreviation stands for EGA

  • Egyptian German Automotive Company, an automobile manufacturer for Mercedes -Benz
  • Electronic health records in Germany
  • Electricity company Alioth
  • Enhanced Graphics Adapter, an outdated computer graphics cards standard
  • Ega, Erfurt Horticultural Exhibition
  • The mathematical treatise Éléments de géométrie algébrique
  • European Golf Association
  • Expert Group on Accessibility - established by the European Commission Expert Group on the development of a barrier-free Europe for all
  • European Generic medicines Association
  • Once outstanding pay
  • Error Grid Analysis

Ega is

  • The name of a river in the northern Spanish region of Navarra, see Ega (river)
  • A place in Portugal, see Ega ( Condeixa -a-Nova )
  • Hjortshøj - Egå, part of Aarhus municipality
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