EIAJ connector

The EIAJ connector ( Electronic Industries Association of Japan ) is a special type of hollow plug for the power supply of small appliances. It has at the top a yellow insulating and can be easily recognized. In addition, a restraint system in the plug is installed in the entire EIAJ system. Wherein 1 to 3 of this type consists of a bevel at the outer plug end, while type 4 and 5 of the yellow insulation ring is greater than the metallic plug sleeve.

The basic idea is, the greater the voltage, the greater the plug. This prevents within limits that the mechanically larger plug can be plugged with a smaller nominal voltage with greater power into the device socket. Thus, a device damage is avoided due to overvoltage.

Jack: 2.75mm hole

Jack: 0.65mm pin

Jack: 4.4 mm hole

Jack: 1.65mm pin

Jack: 5.15 mm hole

Jack: 1.65mm pin

The standard was originally defined in 1992 as EIAJ RC - 6705. 1997 and 2005 was updated.


The following companies use the EIAJ connector for their devices:

  • Sony - Japan
  • Pioneer - Japan
  • Panasonic, a trademark of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.. - Japan
  • Casio


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