Eiao Marquesan Warbler

The Eiao warbler (Acrocephalus percernis aquilonis ) is a critically endangered subspecies of Nuku Hiva - tube singer. (Acrocephalus percernis ). Previously, he was regarded as a subspecies of the Long -billed warbler (Acrocephalus caffer ). It is endemic to the island Eiao in the Marquesas.


The Eiao warbler reaches a size of 18 centimeters. In the males the wing length is 91-96 mm, tail length 77.5 to 84 millimeters, the beak length from 14.4 to 16 millimeters, and the barrel is 30.5 to 31.3 millimeters long. In the females the wing length measures 87.5 to 98 mm, tail length 74-83 mm, the beak length from 15 to 16.2 mm, and the barrel is 29 to 31.2 millimeters long. The plumage is a general yellowing, while the Eiao warbler similar to both the long -billed reed warbler, as well as the Nuku Hiva - warbler (Acrocephalus mendanae percernis ). The yellow in its plumage is, however, less intense than with his relatives. The back is greenish yellow. The belly is pale yellow. The iris is olive-brown, the beak is horn colored upper side and flesh color on lower mandible. Legs and feet are slate gray.


The Eiao warbler is a resident of dry lowland forests on the island Eiao.


With its discovery in 1922, the Eiao warbler was still considered common. Due to overgrazing by feral goats, sheep and pigs, the vegetation of the island was devastated. Where once forests were present, only remained a desert-like landscape of orange clay. Another threat is tropical cyclones dar. 1968 Eiao warbler was decimated and 1987 an inventory of 100 to 200 copies were counted. 2010 Eiao warbler was photographed for the first time.