Ejective consonant

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  • Ejectives
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Ejectives are nichtpulmonale consonants, mostly plosives, which are formed by a rapid upward movement of the larynx at the glottis closed, and subsequent solution of the oral closure. While for pulmonary closure sounds the overpressure in the space formed by the articulation of flowing out from the lungs of air produced by the compression of the air between the glottis and the closed closure in the ejective oral positive pressure. It is therefore doing inhaled neither in nor out.

Ejectives are in about 20 percent of all languages ​​available, including Native American languages ​​, African and Caucasian languages ​​like Georgian.

Ejectives be using the trailing character ( Unicode: U 02 BC ( "Modification apostrophe " ) - HTML: or ) marked as in the following examples: [ p], [t ], [ k] [ tʃ ], [ s].

See also: implosive

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