Approximant consonant

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  • Nasal
  • Vibrants
  • Taps / Flaps
  • Fricatives
  • Affricates
  • Approximants
  • Lateral
  • Ejectives
  • Ingressive sounds Clicks ( clicking sounds )
  • Implosives

An approximant (Latin approximare, " approaching ", dt also approximate sound) is a sound in which the exhaled air can flow relatively smoothly and freely through the mouth. The approximants are the vowels and consonants that are formed with pulmonisch - egressiver or pharyngeal air and ( extension tube ) must overcome no clasp or a narrowness with " friction " ( noise, air turbulence ) in the vocal tract.

Approximants can be phonologically divided into subclasses:

  • Vowel approximant ( vowels ), for example, A or I
  • Consonantal approximants Semi-vowels (also semi- vowel, Halbkonsonant, sonant or glide called ), for example, in German or in English w j
  • Lateral approximants, such as the German l

Approximants can be further classified by:

  • Aspiration
  • Glottalisierung
  • Nasalization

For a further description of the approximants to designate secondary articulation features:

  • Palatalization
  • Velarization
  • Pharyngealization