Ekibastuz GRES-2 Power Station


The power plant Ekibastus is located near the Kazakh city Ekibastus, consists of two plants and is one of the largest coal-fired power stations in the world.

The first power station ( GRES -1) is composed of eight blocks of 500 megawatts ( MW ) of power and has two 330 meter high chimneys. The second to the northeast located power station ( GRES -2 ) has a capacity of 1000 MW. It has the highest with a height of 419.7 meters chimney in the world, was built in 1987 as the first part of the plant. The GRES -2 power plant was originally intended to consist of eight blocks of 500 MW. However, only two blocks were completed, the operation of their recordings in 1990 and 1993. With the construction of a third block was started in 1990, but was canceled. On many pictures of the GRES -2 power plant is therefore to see a crane.

From coal-fired power plant Ekibastus of 1,150 kV designed for an operating voltage three-phase line Ekibastus - Kokshetau goes out, so it is the three-phase line with the highest transmission voltage in the world. The extension of this line after Elektrostal in Russia is also designed for 1150 kV.