Elektrostal (Russian Электросталь ) is a Russian city in Moscow Oblast. It is 52 km east of Moscow and has 155 196 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ).


Elektrostal was founded in 1916 during the construction of a metallurgical factory in the Industrial Nikolai Wtorow. By 1928, the place was called Satischje ( Затишье, ie wind). 1938 was granted the city rights Elektrostal.

Population Development

Coat of arms

Blazon (according to Decision No 75/ 29 of the Council of the Chamber of Deputies of Elektrostal of 5 December 1996 ): In red the figure of Hephaestus in gold dress, with golden headband and just such sandals, ambidextrous with a black hammer on a right-wing golden anvil hammering, resulting in two golden flashes ascend, which are bound by two intersecting thin elongated orbits of a golden atom.


As the name suggests, Elektrostal is a center of the steel industry, which was settled here shortly after the October Revolution. During the Second World War in 1941 further heavy industrial plants of Ukraine were evacuated here in view of the German invasion.

Today the city is an industrial city with heavy and chemical industries as well as a uranium enrichment plant. Elektrostal is also the end point coming from the power plant Ekibastus 1150 kV AC line. This line should be the designed for the highest transmission voltage power transmission system by all currently existing and those in the commercial operation of high voltage lines. However, currently there is only a mode with 400 kV.

Near Elektrostal the Russian radio also operates a transmission facility for medium wave with a transmission power of up to 1,200 kilowatts. The reception of this transmitter is in principle possible in Germany during the night hours.


Elektrostal is the seat of a branch of the Moscow State Institute of Steel and Alloys.


The Hockey Club plays in the crystal Elektrostal Perwaja league. In field hockey, the city is represented by the club Dinamo Elektrostal.


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Sergei Stanislavovich Arekajew (born 1978 ), ice hockey player
  • Aljaksej Baranau ( born 1980 ), ice hockey player
  • Darya Sergejewna Gowor (* 1995), water jumper
  • Igor Jurjewitsch Ignatuschkin ( born 1984 ), ice hockey player
  • Jauhen Kawyrschin ( born 1986 ), ice hockey player
  • Ilya Olegovich Krikunov ( born 1984 ), ice hockey player
  • Alexei Nikolaevich Kudaschow (born 1971 ), ice hockey player
  • Anastasia Pozdniakova (* 1985), water jumper
  • Viktor Romanovich Prjaschnikow (1933-2008), ice hockey player
  • Vitaly Vasilyevich Proshkin (born 1976 ), ice hockey player
  • Dmitri Vladimirovich Samarin ( born 1984 ), ice hockey player
  • Vladimir Alexandrovich Zharkov (* 1988), ice hockey player
  • Alexei Alexeyevich Schkotow ( born 1984 ), ice hockey player
  • Alexander Mikhailovich Suglobow (* 1982 ), ice hockey player
  • Alexander Vasilyev Igorewitsch (* 1989), ice hockey player