Dzerzhinsky, Moscow Oblast

Dzerzhinsky (Russian Дзержинский ) is a city in Russia on the left bank of the Moskva in Moscow Oblast. It is located southeast of Moscow immediately behind the city limits, between the towns Vidnoye and Ljuberzy. The population Dzerzhinsky is 47 163 (as of October 14, 2010 ).


The Nicholas Monastery was only in 1991 returned to the Russian Orthodox Church, but without the oldest church building of the monastery: St Nicholas Cathedral from the 16th century was demolished in 1940.

Economy and infrastructure

In Dzerzhinsky, there are several chemical factories and a plant. Technically, the city traffic on the Moscow ring road MKAD is attached. Several bus lines and Marschrutka provide public transport links with Moscow and forth Ljuberzy. In addition there is a railway branch line from Ljuberzy after Dzerzhinsky, which was however closed down in 1997 for passenger traffic.


On 30 March 2006, the long-time mayor Viktor Dorkin Dzerzhinsky was a suspected contract killing the victim, after which took place in early Dzerzhinsky mayor elections in June of the same year. As background, the fact of the armed Dorkins was suspected with a local construction company.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Nikita Kryukov (* 1985), cross-country skiers