Lytkarino (Russian Лыткарино ) is a town in Moscow Oblast in Russia. It is located about 30 km southeast of Moscow, on the Moscow River, and has 55 237 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ).


The place was probably in the early 15th century. Initially, the village should have belonged to a former monastery, which was located in the Moscow Kremlin. In the vicinity of the place were along the Moscow River Embankment in the 14th century quarries, which had supplied building material for Moscow. Until the 19th century the degradation of white stone was the main occupation of the inhabitants Lytkarinos. The former quarries are no longer received today, even if sporadic traces still remember them.

Emerged only at the end of the 19th century in Lytkarino some industrial enterprises, including a textile factory. In the 1930s, a factory for the manufacture of optical glass was added.

Since 1957 Lytkarino is a county-level city.

Economy and Transport

Today Lytkarino is considered the industry and research City: In addition to the optical glass factory LZOS there is a facility of the aircraft engine manufacturer NPO Saturn, a building materials factory, light industry, also a mechanical engineering design office, a research institute for aircraft engine and one for microelectronics.

About a highway Lytkarino is connected to the main road M5. However, this road is due particularly frequent traffic accidents that happen to her, a macabre reputation. Another important road in the vicinity on which there are links to other trunk roads, the Moscow ring road MKAD. The nearest passenger station is located in Ljuberzy, ten kilometers north-west of Lytkarino.