Stupino, Stupinsky District, Moscow Oblast

Stupino (Russian Ступино ) is a town with 66 816 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ) and the center of the same name Rajons in Russia in the southern Moscow Oblast.


Stupino is located approximately 88 km south of Moscow, near the left bank of Oka. Close to the city runs the highway M 4 and the railway line Moscow Paveletskaya - Lipetsk. The nearest city Kashira is about 10 km south of Stupino on the opposite bank of the Oka.


The first mention of the village dates from the Stupinski 1507, but insisted on the territory of modern city in the 15th century, the Orthodox Holy Trinity Monastery on the White Sand (Russian: Троицкий Белопесоцкий монастырь ).

The present city Stupino emerged only in the 1930s, first as a workers' settlement of the local railway workshops. In 1938, she then received city rights. 2004, the urban settlement Prioksk was incorporated into Stupino.


The main businesses of the city is the Metallurgy Combine SMK, which was founded in 1940 and was heavily geared to military production during the Cold War. Today, it mainly specializes in the manufacture of alloys for industrial use.

Since 1995 located in Stupino a confectionery factory of the company Mars Incorporated and since 1998 a dairy plant of Campina GmbH & Co. KG. Further, in the city farms in the area of mechanical engineering, building materials and ceramics production.


The Hockey Club Kapitan Stupino plays in the second- highest Russian league.


  • Germany Telgte, Westphalia ( since 28 May 1995)
  • Belarus Vitebsk, Belarus

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Yevgeniya Lissizyna (* 1942), Latvian organist