Fryazino (Russian Фрязино ) is a town in Moscow Oblast, Russia. It is located around 35 km north-east of Moscow, has 55 369 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ) and is considered a science center.


Fryazino emerged from several villages that were known since the 1580s. One of them was called Frjasinowka after the family name of his landlord. This in turn came from the word Fryazin were designated with the then operating in Russia Italian architects. Since 1784, the villages were as Frjasina, then known since 1862 as Fryazino. As an industrial town Fryazino only gained early 20th century meaning: At that time there arose a textile mill and a brickyard.

After the October Revolution and the nationalization of factories, the place became a workers' settlement, in 1951 - the place now counted about 12,000 inhabitants - was granted city rights.

Economy and Transport

Since the 1930s, consists in Fryazino a factory for radio electronics, since the 1940s, several research institutes are in place were settled in this area. For this reason Fryazino is also known as Naukograd, so a city with a significant number of scientific research institutions.

The town has a railway station with two platforms, Fryazino - Towarnaja and Fryazino - Passaschirskaja. Of the latter there are regular regional connections to the Yaroslavsky railway station in Moscow. The nearest highway is the M8 at Pushkin, about 20 kilometers west of Fryazino away.


  • Alexander Nikolayevich Balandin (* 1953), Cosmonaut
  • Stanislaw Yevgrafovich Petrov ( b. 1939 ), military