Krasnoarmeysk, Moscow Oblast

Krasnoarmeisk (Russian Красноармейск ) is a town with 26 294 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ) in the Moscow Oblast in Russia. It is located about 50 km northeast of Moscow. Nearest towns are each 17 km Iwantejewka and Fryazino.


The modern city emerged from a settlement called Muromcevo ( Муромцево ), which was known since the 16th century. 1835 was there a textile factory. After the October Revolution it was nationalized and was named the cotton factory of the Red Army and Fleet ( Бумагопрядильная им фабрика. Красной Армии и Флота ). In the 1920s came around them a workers' settlement, which in 1947 together with the former village Muromcevo the city Krasnoarmeisk - literally " Red Army town " - was formed.

Economy and infrastructure

The only major industrial company in the city is currently the textile factory, which emerged from the old cotton factory.

Near Krasnoarmeisk runs the A107 ring road, a little further west the highway M8. A railway connection is via a 18 km long branch line which branches off from the Trans-Siberian Railway ( Moscow- Yaroslavl part ).

Station building Krasnoarmeisk

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Legkow Alexander (* 1983), cross-country skiers


Krasnoarmeisk is home to the famous Russian women's football club SchFK Rossijanka Moskovskaya Oblast.