Balaschicha (Russian Балашиха ) is a city in Moscow Oblast in Russia. It lies about 25 km east of the city center and four kilometers from the city limits of Moscow, on the Moscow River Creek Pechorka, and is equipped with 215 494 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ) measured in terms of population, the largest city in the oblast.


The town developed in the 19th century from one of the villages on the infamous road called Wladimirka, the then single continuous connection from Moscow to Vladimir to Siberia, which was very often used for the transportation of prisoners. The origin of the city's name is believed in the word bloschnja how here once mass- to-find herb was called.

By the early 19th century was called the village Bloschicha. 1830 there a chemical factory was first established, which is why this year is considered the founding year of the city. In the second half of the century Balaschicha already presented an important local center of the textile and paper industries dar. According grew around the former village, a working class neighborhood. At the same time the surroundings of the place gained a certain popularity as Datschengegend, especially after 1912, when Balaschicha received a railroad connection.

During the Soviet period Balaschicha grew rapidly; exist primarily in the 1930s there several large industrial firms. In 1939, the municipal charter. During the Second World War, the local factories were temporarily converted to war production. The city itself was of German air raids spared, but were around 9,000 city residents at the front of their lives.


Today Balaschicha is the largest suburb of Moscow, and a center of heavy industry with a focus on engineering. Furthermore, there are, among others, chemical, wood, textile and food industry here. In addition, the city location of three research institutes.


Among the most important road links Balaschichas include the M7 highway, which emerged from the former Wladimirka, and the Moscow ring road MKAD. In the metropolitan area are also six stations, including the head station Balaschicha a branch line of the railway line Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod. There are regular trains to the Kursk station in Moscow From all these stations. An important role both in urban traffic and transport to and from Moscow to play the numerous bus and Marschrutka lines of the city.

Station building Balaschicha


Balaschicha is home to the Ice Hockey Club, founded in 1949 HK MVD Balaschicha.

Special Structures

  • Sendemast Balaschicha ( height 460 meters)
  • Ice rink Balaschicha

Further education institutions

  • Institute of engineering, technology and management of the State Technical University Saratov
  • Faculty of the Moscow State Academy of Instrument-Making & computer science
  • Russian State Agrarian University of remote

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Nadezhda Jewstjuchina (* 1988), Women's Weightlifting
  • Dmitri Klokow (* 1983), Weightlifting
  • Yuri Ljapkin ( born 1945 ), ice hockey player