Zhukovsky, Moscow Oblast

Zhukovsky (Russian Жуковский ) is a Russian city in Moscow Oblast. It is located around 35 km south-east of Moscow near the town Ramenskoje. Zhukovsky has 104 736 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ).


From Datschensiedlung Otdych ( Отдых ) the community Stachanowo emerged in the 1930s ( Стаханово ). 1947 Stachanowo received city rights, and its present name. The city is named after the Russian scientist Nikolai Zhukovsky Jegorowitsch, considered the father of Russian aviation.


Zhukovsky is the main center of the Russian aviation and space travel. In Soviet times, the city was not accessible as a military base. To date, it is the center of Russian aircraft research and planning with multiple control stations as well as start and runways, including the largest in Europe with 5.4 km long and 120 m wide at the airfield Ramenskoje.

Find also include the following research institutes and universities:

  • The Central Aero Hydrodynamic Institute ( TsAGI )
  • The Mikhail Gromov - College Aviation Research ( LII)
  • The OKB (experimental design bureau ) Mikoyan -Gurevich
  • The Scientific Research Institute of Automation and Instrument ( NIIAP )
  • The School of MiG test pilots

Also, here is held every two years, the International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition MAKS instead.


  • France Le Bourget, France
  • Denmark Sydals Municipality, Denmark
  • Russia Ulyanovsk, Russia

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Igor Romischewski (1940-2013), ice hockey player and coach
  • Viktoria Mullova ( b. 1959 ), violinist
  • Nikolai Matjuchin (* 1968), tourers
  • Andrei Jepischin (* 1981), Athlete
  • Nina Brattschikowa ( born 1985 ), tennis player
  • Viktoriya Baranowa (* 1990), Track Cycling activist