Chekhov, Moscow Oblast

Chekhov (Russian Чехов ) is a town of about 60,720 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ) in Moscow Oblast, Russia. It lies about 80 km south of Moscow on the Lopasnja, a left tributary of the Oka, and is the administrative center of the oblast Rajons.

The nearest large towns are from the north Klimowsk, Lwowski and Podolsk and from the south of Serpukhov. All four are each about 20-30 km away from Chekhov.


Chekhov is one of the younger cities in the Moscow Oblast. It emerged from the existent since at least the 18th century village Lopasnja ( Лопасня ), which was named after the river, and due to its location on an old road from Moscow to Tula had a meaning for the trade. In 1951 the former village became a settlement after first industrial enterprises were built nearby. In 1954, the municipal charter and its present name in honor of the Russian writer Anton Chekhov, who had lived in the 1890s in the vicinity of the present town.

Economy and Transport

Among the industries of the city include factories for building materials, fittings and feed. Further, in Chekhov several companies in the field of food industry, such as a manufacturing plant of Danone. A remarkable development has in Chekhov recently the Housing and Büroflächenbau.

The city is connected to the highway M2 towards Tula, Kursk and the Ukraine and has been at the railway line Moscow - Kursk a railway station with regular services to, inter alia, to Moscow ( Kursk station ), Podolsk, Serpukhov or Tula.


In the city the good Satschatjewskoje is ( Зачатьевское ), which once belonged to the noble family Vasilchikov. 12 km southwest of the city, in the village Melikhovo ( Мелихово ), is the former estate of Anton Chekhov. The former estate of the writer is now a Chekhov Museum.


In Chekhov is Chekhov Medwedi with a well-known handball club of the Russian League. This club plays its home games in the dedicated in 2003 Universal Sports Hall " Olimpijski " from. The water polo players of Schturm - 2002 Chekhov were from 2004 to 2006 three times Russian master of men. The city -based to 2013 Vityaz Chekhov a well-known hockey club.


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Sons and daughters of the town

  • Oksana Sliwenko (* 1986), Women's Weightlifting