Moskva River

The Moskva River in the basin of the Volga

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The Moskva (Russian: Москва [ mʌs'kva ] listen / i;? Also known as Moscow or outdated Moscow River ) is a 502 km long left tributary of the Oka in the European part of Russia.


The river, which belongs to the catchment area of the Volga River, rises in the Smolensk heights, flows from there through the Central Russian oblasts of Smolensk and Moscow, as well as the city of Moscow and flows into the Oka.

From its headwaters in the 311 m tower to the Smolensk heights high, the Moskva River initially flows in a northwesterly, then in a northeasterly and then in an easterly direction. After flowing through the dam Moschaisker and some cities they reached the Russian capital Moscow, which is the largest city on the river was named after the river and in Russian also called Moskva River. The river crosses Moscow in northwest-southeast direction in numerous meanders. In the Moscow Kremlin, the river forms together with the water diversion channel, an artificial island. The riverside and adjacent parks (eg the Gorky Park or the Sparrow Hills ) are among the main recreational areas of the Russian capital. About 120 km southeast of the capital flows of the Moskva River in Kolomna in the Oka.


The Moskva River is developed for inland navigation. Among others, there is since 1937 a 126 km long canal connecting north to the Volga (Moscow - Volga Canal ). In Moscow, there are several ports. In addition, travel on the river numerous excursion boats and boat line.

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