Smolensk Oblast

54.73533.07Koordinaten: 54 ° 44 'N, 33 ° 4' O

The Smolensk Oblast ( Russian область Смоленская, Smolenskaja oblast ) is an oblast in western Russia on the border with Belarus.

The oblast consists mainly of Smolensk hill country, the Dnieper flows through it from east to west. The region is located traffic- favorable, the road and rail link from Moscow to Belarus, the Kaliningrad Oblast and in the East-Central European countries do it. The climate is temperate continental, with warm summers and mild winters by Russian standards.

The Oblast is heavily wooded, the forests represent an important part of the economy: on the one hand are the hilly forests and lakes popular recreation areas, on the other hand, the timber industry is an important industry. In addition, the diamond-cutting, metal and engineering industry are significant.

The oblast was established in 1937 under its current name. It emerged from the 1929 of the territories of several governorates resolved newly formed West Oblast.

Administrative divisions and cities

The Smolensk Oblast is divided into 25 Rajons and two urban districts. There are 15 cities and urban-type settlements twelve. The main cities in addition to the administrative center of Smolensk are Roslawl and Wjasma.