Penza Oblast

53.1644.525Koordinaten: 53 ° 10 ' N, 44 ° 32' O

The Penza Oblast (Russian Пензенская область / Pensenskaja oblast ) is an oblast in Russia. It is located in the Volga Federal District in the southern part of the East European Plain on the Volga plate. To the north it borders with the Republic of Mordovia, in the south of the Saratov Oblast and to the west by the Tambov Oblast.

The surface of the oblast is mainly hilly, the climate is temperate continental. The oblast was created from the area around the fortress Penza, which was built in the 17th century.

The main industries include mechanical engineering, woodworking and textile industries.

Administrative divisions and cities

The Penza oblast is divided into 27 Rajons and 3 urban districts. The urban districts of the city of Kuznetsk be formed by the far the largest city and Oblastverwaltungszentrum Penza, the closed city ( SATO ) Saretschny as well. There are a total of eleven Oblast cities and 16 urban-type settlements.