Nenets Autonomous Okrug

67.554.25Koordinaten: 67 ° 30 'N, 54 ° 15' O

The circle of the Nenets Autonomous (Russian Ненецкий автономный округ / Nenezki awtonomny okrug; Nenets Ненёцие автономной ӈокрук / Nenjozije awtonomnoi njokruk ) is an Autonomous District with its capital Naryan -Mar in north-west Russia. He is part of the Arkhangelsk Oblast.


The Autonomous District is located in the extreme northeast of the East European Plain in the Barents Sea. In the west it is bordered by Timanrücken, in the east of the Urals. In the south, the Republic of Komi is located. The group also includes the Kanin Peninsula and the islands Kolgujew and Waigatsch. The most important river is the Pechora. To the north in the Kara Sea lies the double- island Novaya Zemlya, but not part of the circle.


The area has been inhabited since the Stone Age, over the centuries there have been trade relations between the Nenets and Russians. 1929 Autonomous District was created, founded in 1936, the current capital of Naryan -Mar.


The Nenets are language group of the Samoyed. The formerly nomadic people were forced to be settled during the Soviet era. However, they make up only 18 % of the population; 63 % Russian and Komi 9% ( 2010 census ). Smaller minorities were Udmurt (1959 308 and in 2002, 95 people) and Russia German (1959 224; 2002 or 25 people). The circle is populated extremely thin, also lives more than half of the population in the capital city of Naryan -Mar. The official languages ​​are Russian and Nenets.


Polar climate and permafrost hinder agriculture. For centuries, reindeer herding, fishing and fur hunting the most important economic sectors. With the discovery of oil reserves, oil production was added. To the north of the circle, the oil field is being developed with Priraslomnoje inventories of about 73 million tonnes in the Barents Sea offshore.


On 23 May 2006, the then- governor of the Autonomous Okrug Alexei Barinow was arrested on suspicion of fraud and embezzlement in Arkhangelsk and later sentenced to a term of imprisonment of three years, which was suspended on probation.

Governor since February 24, 2009 was Igor Fyodorov. On February 22, 2014 he was replaced by Igor Koschin.

Administrative divisions

Since the " municipal administrative reform " in Russia, which was implemented in the Autonomous District of the Nenets in 2005, the Autonomous District in the capital city of Naryan -Mar and the Sapoljarny divided rayon (literally Trans Polar Rajon ), which apart from the entire territory of the district which includes the capital with all the other localities.

For Sapoljarny rayon include the urban-type settlement Iskatelei ( previously under the administration of Naryan -Mar, but since the administrative reform alone), the independent rural ( previously urban) settlement Amderma and 17 village Soviets, who together comprise 42 villages.

Note: * seat of the village Soviets; ** Place on the territory of the Republic of Komi