Sverdlovsk Oblast

59.04874162.001876Koordinaten: 59 ° 3 ' N, 62 ° 0' O

The Sverdlovsk Oblast (Russian Свердловская область / Sverdlovskaya oblast ) is an oblast in Russia. Unlike the capital, Yekaterinburg she has retained its name from the time of the Soviet Union. She is the Oblast with the largest population in the Asian part of Russia. Governor from 1994 to 2009 was Eduard Rossel. Between 2009 and 2012 Alexander Mischarin held the governorship. 29 May 2012 Yevgeny Kuiwaschew took over the office of Mischarin.

The oblast is mostly on the eastern slopes of the Ural Mountains and accesses the West Siberian lowland over.

The history of Russian colonization of the region began in the late 16th century. Verkhoturye was founded in 1598 as one of the first Russian cities beyond the Urals, 1723 today Oblastzentrum Yekaterinburg.

The oblast is rich in mineral resources such as gold, platinum and many other metals. Mining, engineering and metal processing are the main industries.

Administrative divisions and cities

The oblast is divided into 68 urban districts and five Rajons. In addition to the administrative center of the oblast, the metropolis of Yekaterinburg, there are three major cities: Nizhny Tagil, Kamensk- Uralski and Pervouralsk. In total there are 47 cities in the oblast and 27 urban-type settlements.