Serov (town)

Serov (Russian Серов ) is a city in Russia with about 99 373 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ). It is located in the Sverdlovsk Oblast on the eastern edge of the Ural Mountains, nearly 350 kilometers north of the Oblasthauptstadt Yekaterinburg.


The emergence of today's Serov began in September 1893, when the construction of an iron foundry and a track building was planned in the vicinity. To this end, a working class neighborhood was built on the site of the present city first. They first called Nadeschdinsk, named after the landowner Nadezhda Polowzowa, who owned the site of the iron foundry. With the operation of the foundry, the population of the settlement grew increasingly. The status of a city received Nadeschdinsk but only in 1926.

In the next decade, the city was renamed three times. First was in 1934 from Nadeschdinsk Kabakowsk, named after the politician Ivan Kabakov. When he was convicted in 1937 in the wake of Stalin's purges, the city received directly back its old name Nadeschdinsk. Soon after, namely on 7 June 1939, the city was however renamed in honor of fatally injured pilots Anatoly Serov, who was born here and has lived in Serov.


Today, the city is considered as an important industrial city in the region. It still dominates the metalworking economic life; the resultant of the old iron foundry operating out also bears the name of the pilot Anatoly Serov. There is also in the city and several nearby food and wood processing plants.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Maxim Jakuzenja ( born 1981 ), ice hockey player
  • Pawel Polujektow (* 1992), ice hockey player
  • Kostya Tszyu (born 1969 ), boxer