Tula Oblast

53.916537.375Koordinaten: 53 ° 55 ' N, 37 ° 23' O

The Tula Oblast (Russian Тульская область / Tulskaya oblast ) is an oblast in western Russia, about 200 km south of Moscow.

The oblast is situated on the southern edge of the Moscow industrial area. It is one of the most industrialized areas of the country. The main industries are the brown coal mining, food processing and engineering industries.

Administrative divisions and largest places

The Tula Oblast is divided into 22 Rajons and 5 urban districts. Your administrative center of Tula has nearly 500,000 inhabitants, other major cities are Nowomoskowsk, Donskoi, Alexin, Shchekino and Uslowaja. In total there are 19 cities in the oblast and 25 urban-type settlements.