Tomsk Oblast

58.3482.22Koordinaten: 58 ° 20 ' N, 82 ° 13' O

The Tomsk Oblast (Russian Томская область / Tomskaja oblast ) is an oblast in Russia.

The oblast is situated in the southeast of the West Siberian Plain along the Ob and its tributaries Chulym and Ket. Large areas are forested and are in the taiga.

The history of Russian colonization began in 1604 with the establishment of Tomsk. With the discovery of gold mines in the 1830s and the connection to the Trans-Siberian Railway in the early 20th century, the population grew rapidly. The oblast was established in 1944.

The production of oil and natural gas have an important place. The industry is dominated by the petrochemical industry and wood processing.

Governor of the Oblast is Sergei Schwatschkin since 2012.

Administrative divisions and cities

The Tomsk Oblast is divided into 16 Rajons and 4 urban districts.

The largest cities are Tomsk and its "closed" satellite city ( SATO ) Sewersk. There are a further four cities and one urban-type settlement.

Village in the Tomsk Oblast ( Ivan cinema)