Vladimir Oblast

5640.6Koordinaten: 56 ° 0 ' N, 40 ° 36' O

The Vladimir Oblast (Russian Владимирская область / Wladimirskaja oblast ) is an oblast in the region of Central Russia northeast of Moscow.

The oblast is located along the railway and road connection from Moscow eastwards ( Nizhny Novgorod ). The largest rivers are the Oka and the Klyazma.

The oblast is bordered to the north by the Ivanovo, on the east by the Nizhny Novgorod, Ryazan Oblast to the south, on the west by the Moscow Oblast and to the northwest by the Yaroslavl Oblast.

The Grand Principality of Vladimir was born in 1157, when Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky his seat from Kiev moved here. The Mongol invasion in 1238 left the region worst devastation, in 1362 came the supremacy of the Grand Duchy of Moscow. In the 19th century flax cultivation and processing continued as an influential sectors of the economy. In the Russian Civil War and the Second World War the area was largely spared.

The main industries today are the heavy industry, metal processing, the glass and the food industry.

Intercession Intercession Church on the Nerl

Administrative divisions and cities

The Vladimir oblast is divided into 16 Rajons and 5 urban districts, including the " closed city " Raduschny.

The most important cities are near the administrative center of the oblast, Vladimir, the cities Kovrov and Murom, also Gus- Chrustalny and Alexandrov and tourist center Suzdal. In total there are 23 cities in the oblast and 9 settlements of urban type.