Tambov Oblast

52.741.595Koordinaten: 52 ° 42 'N, 41 ° 36' O

The Tambov Oblast (Russian Тамбовская область / Tambowskaja oblast ) is a Oblast in southern Russia. It lies about halfway between Moscow and Volgograd.

With only about 33 inhabitants per km ² the Oblast is one of the less populated areas of central Russia. It is part of the Oka - Don basin and is drained by the Zna, a tributary which in turn opens into the Oka Moksha. The climate is temperate continental.

Engineering and chemical industries are the main economic activities. In agriculture dominates the livestock.

The capital has approximately 285,000 inhabitants Tambov, the second largest city is Michurinsk.


The majority of the population represent the ethnic Russians (97 % of the population ). Larger minority groups are Ukrainians (0.7%), Armenians ( 0.4 %) and Roma ( 0.4%).


Christianity is the dominant religion in the oblast Tambov. The majority of Christians belong to the Russian Orthodox Church. The second largest Christian group are the Baptists. In Morshansk exists an Evangelical Lutheran community, which is mostly visited by German descent. In Tambov, there is also a place of worship of the Roman Catholic Church, which was built in 1903. There, the service will be held in Russian and in Polish.

Long live 40,000 Muslims in the Tambov Oblast, most of them are Tatars.

Administrative divisions and cities

The oblast is divided into seven city districts and in 23 Rajons. Most important cities after the only major city in the oblast, the administrative center of Tambov, are Michurinsk, Rasskasowo, Morshansk and Kotowsk. There are a total of eight Oblast cities and urban-type settlements twelve.