Zabaykalsky Krai

53117Koordinaten: 53 ° 0 ' N, 117 ° 0' O

The Trans-Baikal region (Russian Забайкальский край / Zabaikalsky krai) is an administrative region of Russia in the Siberian federal district. Its territory covers a portion of the known as the Trans-Baikal region or Daurien from east of Lake Baikal.

The Trans-Baikal region sparked on 1 March 2008 from the existing federal subjects Chita Oblast and Buryat Autonomous District Aginer. This was hard Written by a popular vote in the two subjects on 11 March 2007, which was launched at the initiative of the administrations of the two subjects. With this vote, about 90 percent of the region's inhabitants spoke for the merger of the Chita Oblast of the Autonomous District of the Buryat Aginer, which was geographically anyway completely enclosed by the Chita Oblast.

Administrative divisions and largest cities

The region is divided into 31 Rajons and 4 cities ( including the " closed city " ( SATO ) Gorny ). The former territory of the Autonomous Okrug of Aginer Buryat ( three Rajons and later outsourced county Aga ) is valid under that name continues as the administrative - territorial unit with special status (Russian Administratiwno - territorially well jediniza s ossobym statussom ).