Ryazan Oblast

54.440.65Koordinaten: 54 ° 24 ' N, 40 ° 39' O

The Ryazan Oblast (Russian Рязанская область / Rjasanskaja oblast ) is an oblast southeast of Moscow in Central Russia.


The oblast is situated in the East European Plain, specifically in the Oka -Don plain. The main river is the Oka, which flows through the Oblast from west to east and the territory is divided into two parts: a wooded northern part and a southern, including the deciduous forest zone and the forest-steppe. The climate is temperate continental. The average temperature in January is -10 ° C, in July 20 ° C.


The history of the Principality of Ryazan goes back to the 10th century. Its location on the edge of the area populated by Russians has repeatedly led to wars, such as the Mongol invasion of 1237th The Principality was able to hold long against Moscow and came only in 1521 finally with its sovereignty.


With the exception of the capital, the region is more influenced by agriculture. Occurring mineral resources in the region are limestone, marl and clay. Of great importance are the deposits of limestone cement, glass and quartz sand. There are also deposits of phosphorites, gypsum rocks, brown iron ore, coal, and peat Minelalfarben. Main industries are in Ryazan oil refining products, metal processing, communications electronics, construction and food industries.


The population of the area counts 1.15 million inhabitants. Two-thirds of them live in cities. The proportion of the working population is 57 percent. 35 percent of all working people are high school and college graduates. In the Ryazan Oblast, the Russians are by far the most represented ethnic group. The 2002 census revealed the following structure Nationality:

Administrative divisions and largest cities

The Ryazan Oblast is divided into 25 Rajons and 4 urban districts. The administrative center of the oblast, Ryazan, is the only major city in the oblast. With great distance by population Kasimov, Skopin and Sassowo follow that form the other three urban districts next to Ryazan. In total there are 12 cities in the oblast and 22 urban-type settlements.